Cortland Bell Raising

CLUE divers have successfully raised the bell of Cortland
for the Great Lakes Historical Society

On Tuesday, August 22, 2006 CLUE divers David VanZandt, Kevin Magee and Great Lakes Historical Society diver and Archaeological Director Carrie Sowden successfully raised the bell from the bark Cortland. The bell was raised under a permit obtained by the Great Lakes Historical Society from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It was transported to Cleveland, Ohio, and then to the Great Lakes Historical Society in Vermilion, Ohio, for preservation and display.

CLUE would like to thank Chris Gillcrist, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Historical Society, for the opportunity to participate in this historic endeavor.


David VanZandt with Cortland bell
on the stern of Sea Dragon

(Photo: Shelby VanZandt)

Kevin Magee raising the bell
(Photo: David M. VanZandt)

CLUE member Lorry Wagner,
with press, on his boat Perlandra

(Photo: David M. VanZandt)

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