Cleveland Underwater Explorers Inc.
Ethics Statement

  • Adhere to professional standards of ethics and practices in research, teaching, reporting, and interactions with the public.

  • Regard all archaeological sites, artifacts and related information as potentially significant cultural resources in accordance with State, Federal, and International laws and the principles and standards of contemporary archaeological science.

  • Excavate or disturb an archaeological site only for the purpose of scientific research, conducted under the supervision of a qualified archaeologist, in accordance with State, Federal, and International laws.Artifacts shall not be removed until their context and provenience have been recorded, and only when the artifact and related data have been designated for research or public display in accordance with State, Federal, and International laws.

  • Artifacts shall not be taken, traded, sold, bought or bartered as commercial goods.

  • Encourage and support the long-term preservation and effective management of archaeological sites and collections for the benefit of humanity.

  • Encourage education about archaeology, strive to engage the public in the research process and publicly disseminate major research findings, to the extent compatible with resource protection and legal obligations.

  • Observe these ethical standards and aid in securing observance of these standards by fellow members and non-members.

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