The CLUE Team

David VanZandt, Director and Chief Archaeologist

David is the Senior Principal Engineer for ZIN Technologies, Inc., specializing in space flight hardware for NASA Glenn Research Center and has more than twenty years of experience designing, building, testing, and operating fluids and combustion experiments on the Space Shuttle, sounding rockets, and International Space Station. He began his diving career in 1995 and currently holds dive certifications up through trimix and AIMA/NAS Level 3. David began searching for and finding shipwrecks off his boat Sea Dragon in 2001 when he founded the Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE). David graduated Purdue University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering. He is also a graduate of Flinders University and holds several archaeology degrees including a Masters of Maritime Archaeology. David is on the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) and is a member of the Ohio Archaeological Council (OAC), the Association of Great Lakes Maritime History (AGLMH), the Great Lakes Historical Society (GLHS), and the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA). He is also a fellow in The Explorers Club.

Kevin Magee, Deputy Director

Kevin is the co-founder of CLUE and was certified for scuba in 1984. He moved to the Cleveland, OH, area in 1993 and discovered shipwreck diving in the Great Lakes shortly afterwards. He enthusiastically practices diving shipwrecks in Lake Erie as well as the other Great Lakes. He was trimix certified in 1999 and has visited many of the pristine deep water wrecks that technical diving allows. Kevin has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He is a Senior Mechanical Engineer for ZIN Technologies, Inc., and is a contract engineer at the NASA Glenn Research Center. Kevin designs, builds, tests, and operates fluids and combustion experiments for the Space Shuttle, sounding rockets, and International Space Station. Kevin is a member of the Great Lakes Historical Society (GLHS) and several local scuba clubs. He also maintains his own web site on diving Great Lakes shipwrecks.

Jim Paskert, Director of Archival Research
Jim is a Production Planner for ZIN Technologies, Inc. He learned to dive in 1966 and began researching Great Lakes shipwrecks, ultimately making his first discovery, the steamer Sand Merchant, in 1969. Jim has been researching and discovering shipwrecks in the Great Lakes ever since. For over 40 years he has been involved with locating the majority of the shipwrecks in the Cleveland, Ohio, area of Lake Erie. An accomplished researcher, Jim has assembled a massive library on Great Lakes maritime history. Specializing in primary sources for his information, his collection includes data not commonly found in traditional shipwreck research. His resume includes a long list of diving, shipwreck finds, and related accomplishments.

Tom Kowalczk, Director of Remote Sensing

Tom is currently retired and an avid shipwreck hunter. He is a life long resident of Ottawa county Ohio and grew up fishing and diving in Lake Erie. Tom began diving shipwrecks in 1965 and has been researching Great Lakes history ever since. He holds an International certification of safe scuba diving from NASDS and is a past scuba diving instructor. Active in the Great Lakes community, he is a board member of The Association of Great Lakes Maritime History (AGLMH) and a member of the Great Lakes Historical Society (GLHS) and Save Ontario’s Shipwrecks (SOS).  He actively participated in the Canadian Pt. Pelee Passage shipwreck survey project. Tom is an experienced researcher, side scan sonar operator, and scuba diver.

Lorry Wagner

Dr. Lorry Wagner, President of Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo), has a 35 year history of engineering and consulting expertise in a wide range of industries including electrical, industrial, nuclear, and financial services.  A pioneer in the design and development of proprietary processes for industry, he has been awarded two patents, a trademark, and was the Purdue University Distinguished Engineering Alumnus for 1999.  His current endeavor is developing a pilot off-shore wind turbine energy generation program in Lake Erie to develop green electricity for North East Ohio. Lorry started diving in 1976 and holds an Open Water dive certification. In his off time, he coaches swimming for the Solon Stars USA Swimming Club.

Elizabeth Conner, Researcher

Elizabeth is currently the Curator and Director of Century Village Museum, a twenty-two building historic village holding over 20,000 artifacts ranging from the late eighteenth century to the turn of the twentieth century. She has worked in museums both locally and internationally including Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Dublin, Ireland, working with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Museum of Ireland, and the Western Reserve Historical Society. She holds her Masters of Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University and her Bachelors of History and Art History from Northern Michigan University. Elizabeth is a member of the American Association of Museums, Chagrin Valley Museum Consortium, Geauga Council for Arts and Culture, and the Northeast Ohio Intermuseum Council.

Mallory Haas, Archaeologist

Mallory got her start in archaeology as a high school student, working with teachers at John Marshall High School and at Tri-C’s Center for Community Studies (CCS). She enrolled at Cuyahoga Community College and became a student intern at CCS where she helped to coordinate field and lab work with various high school programs. Her research with CCS at the John Brown farm and tannery in Pennsylvania resulted in a conference paper and the first annual Society for Anthropology in Community College outstanding undergraduate student paper award. Mallory is currently continuing her studies at CSU and will graduate in 2012 with a BA in archaeology and a Certificate in GIS. In addition to her activities in terrestrial archaeology, she has developed a keen interest in underwater archaeology. She is a member of MAST, having conducted historical research and exploratory dives on shipwreck sites in Lake Erie and has surveyed pier structures in Traverse Bay, Michigan for NAS. Mallory is a member of the Great Lakes Historical Society (GLHS), Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST), the Ohio Archaeological Council (OAC,) and the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA).

Cindy LaRosa, Survey Diver/Oral Histories

Cindy began diving the Great Lakes in the early 1990s and has over 1,000 logged dives and holds numerous dive certifications up through Advanced Nitrox. She is an Official Court Reporter for Cleveland Municipal Court, which makes her uniquely qualified for recording the oral histories of Great Lakes maritime history. Cindy is a published author of an oral history and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice/Justice Administration from Tiffin University. She is a Registered Professional Reporter with the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), is a Certified Reporting Instructor, and has taught court reporting theory at a local college. Cindy is a member of the Great Lakes Historical Society (GLHS), Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST), and several local scuba clubs. She regularly assists in the shipwreck survey work performed by CLUE.

Ken Marshall, Technical Diver and Surveyor

Ken is a Senior Consulting Engineer for Engineering Design & Testing Corp., specializing in forensic engineering conducting root cause investigations and damage analysis. He has over 25 years of experience in the design, fabrication, assembly, operation, and maintenance of custom industrial equipment. Ken graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He also earned a Master in Business Administration from Cleveland State University. Ken is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in 13 states. Ken began his diving career in 1979 and has obtained the rating of O/W Instructor. In addition he holds certifications in numerous specialties including gas blending, tri-mix, SCR rebreather, and cave. Ken’s interest in shipwrecks expanded in 1999 after taking the GLHS/MAST Nautical Archaeology for Divers Workshop, eventually earning his Underwater Archaeology Instructor certification. Ken is a past chair of the MAST Board of Directors and was the driving force behind the MAST shipwreck buoy program, that provides dive boat moorings for the protection of shipwrecks in Lake Erie's central basin, which he ongoingly manages. Ken continues as a member of the Great Lakes Historical Society (GLHS) and the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST).

Ken Kusanke, Diver and Surveyor

Ken Kusanke is a Senior Manufacturing Project Engineer with Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems in Akron, Ohio, which is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of aircraft wheels, brakes, and brake control systems. Ken holds a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University and has had a long career with automotive, aeronautical, and aerospace companies, including ZIN Technologies, Goodrich Landing Gear, and General Motors/Chevrolet. He has been a certified diver since 1977 and regularly assists CLUE with shipwreck searching and surveying.

Rob Ruetschle, Research and Remote Sensing


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