War of 1812 Archaeological Survey

The Great Lakes Historical Society is pleased to announce that the National Park Service, American Battlefield Protection Program has awarded the Society an $18,000 grant to survey the battle site and anchorage site of the Battle of Lake Erie, fought in 1813 in Ohio waters off Put-in-Bay.

Christopher Gillcrist, Executive Director of The Great Lakes Historical Society, stated that "the Battle of Lake Erie is one of the most important naval engagements between 1776 and 1941 in U.S. history. Our archaeological survey will help discover and identify any physical remains of the battle, hopefully in preparation for a major historical reevaluation of the battle's significance in light of its coming bicentennial celebration in 2013."

Carrie Sowden, Archaeological Director of The Great Lakes Historical Society, led the investigation in collaboration with the Cleveland Underwater Explorers, led by Tom Kowalczk and Dave VanZandt.

Work began in late August 2008, and was completed in the fall of 2009.





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